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La Banque Postale

Four centuries of history

La Banque Postale decided to centralise its Parisian offices in a unique head office, located on Sèvres Street in Paris. This new property of 23.000 square metres has five buildings built four centuries apart. The oldest building is the Choiseul Praslin hotel built in 1732, the most recent one was built by Architects Chaix and Morel in 2011.

Signage inspired by the neighbourhood

We designed a sign system based on a square, the shape of La Banque Postale’s logo. It echoes the outdoor façades of these 5 connected buildings. All the corridors take the name of the streets as if the entire neighbourhood is inside the building. People can walk across ‘Passage Sèvres’ or ‘Passage Saint Romain’ corridors. In addition, every building has a logotype of its own façade. The square can become a cube, and turns into a strategically located orientation table. All the meeting rooms honour famous people from the neighbourhood.


All signage was first designed on paper, on full-scale sheets that allowed La Banque Postale to visualise the project. After a few weeks of use, as employees started to own the idea of the different places and corridors’ name, all materials were installed for real.

Did you know?

La Banque Postale manages the accounts of more than 11.3 million French people and counts more than 10 million active clients.


Christian de Bergh